Psychic Warfare Department

A Study on the Human Condition and other Horrors

Detroit: still standing.
I met a traveller from a fetid land
Who said: A vast and endless island of garbage
Floats haphazardly upon the gulf... near this, on a fleck of sand,
Half sunk, a shattered villa lies, where the aged,
And wrinkled skin, and sneer of warm conceit,
Tell that its builder well those forecasts read
And has survived, escaped from all these lifeless minds,
The voice that mocked them and the heart that fled:

And on the signpost these words appear:
'This home is appraised at seven million:
Look upon my equity, ye Yankees, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that floating wreck, boundless are bare
The violent wind and waves stretch far away

Deus Vult

Every great fall begins with a single step.
So with all the headlines being grabbed these days by fascists, many people out there have come to the position that America's 1st Amendment should not apply to them. There are strong arguments for this position. After all, the Supreme Court has declared that inciting violence is not protected speech, and this is something the fascists often do. It has also been argued that, given the chance, they would happily abolish free speech themselves should they ever come into power and thus they do not deserve to enjoy this privilege themselves since they, themselves, do not believe in it. All fine arguments, indeed... but I'm still not sold. I will explain thus.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that we should indeed revoke the 1st Amendment privileges of self-proclaimed fascists. Let's agree that their words, both written and spoken, constitute enough threat to our society that they should be censored and/or banned outright. Should we stop there, however? After all, these people have a long history of applied violence that reaches far beyond words or ideas. They really do like to go out and hurt people, so to that affect would it not be logical, then, to revoke their 2nd Amendment rights as well? In fact, all things considered, this seems to me even more logical than merely censoring them. Taking guns away from these assholes seems to me like it should be a far higher priority than forcing them to put away their Nazi flags.

So let's do that. We disarm them and then revoke their right to free speech. The world is a better place, right? Well, yes, but the problem is that these creeps can still vote. Get enough of them together and they might just vote in laws that we don't like. Get a whole lot of them together and they can start tampering with the Constitution itself given time. Clearly this is unacceptable. The last thing that America needs is a large voting block of racist, fascist dickwads going out and voting en masse to elect their own kind of political candidates into power. Let that happen and who knows what kind of horror would be unleashed upon the world. Anti-gay laws making a comeback? Police brutality being pardoned? A wall along the Mexican border? Can you imagine what would happen if these guys all banded together to elect some kind of madman who pandered to their twisted ideology?

(Checks the news) Oh... well, see? There you go! Clearly we haven't gone far enough. In order to secure America's future for true American ideals we need to revoke the voting rights of the fascists, along with all of their bigoted and narrow minded kin. It's the only way to be sure. Sure, this may erode the fundamental principle of democracy, but dammit sometimes sacrifices have to be made in a crisis, and if we learned anything from that nutjob running a woman over it is that we are definitely at a crisis point.

Speaking of which - in the interest of public safety we should probably take away their driver's licenses as well. After all, Islamic radicals in Europe have been proving that all you need is a motorized vehicle of any type and you can inflict terror and carnage upon great numbers of innocent people. Let the fuckers walk or ride the bus - see how they like that, eh?

Of course with no right to vent their hatred, verbally or otherwise, they'll probably start looking for other ways to cause problems. That's OK - we can deal with that, too. With our every broadening hate crime laws we'll be able to throw these fuckers in jail the moment they try to start anything in the street - and they will, because lashing out is their whole theme to begin with. You think our prisons are over-filled now? Just wait until we start tossing every dipshit redneck with a Confederate bumper sticker in there alongside the murderers, rapists and, worst of all, marijuana smokers. We'll finally be sticking these twatnozzles where they've belonged from the beginning.

But... then our already flooded prison system will be strained beyond capacity. After all, have you ever tried fit the entire state of Alabama or Arizona into a prison? Clearly we'll need to make room, and since we've already pretty much taken away citizenship why not just go all the way and exile the fascists bastards from the country entirely? Maybe we should just ship them to Madagascar or something, right?

Except that literally nobody in the world wants thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of American NeoNazis and NeoConfederates landing on their shores. So it's not like we're going to find any takers for this little deportation project of ours. What to do? We need a solution.

Ya know what? Fuck it. Let's just execute the bastards. Purge our nation of the taint of fascist sympathizers once and for all. And we won't drag it out, either. Oh no, none of that twenty-years-on-death-row bullshit for these guys. Quick and easy disposal all the way. And we'll do it quickly, too. Just load them all up and ship them off to orderly camps for proper disposal via poison gas. That's how you kill vermin, after all. There, that works. That's our solution. Our final solution.

Karma? Poetic justice? Perhaps. But what does this mean for the person who turns the valve?

I'm not a free speech purist because I have any sympathy or compassion for these fascist assholes who are making the news these days. To be honest, I really don't care what happens to them... but I do care about me.

I'm not doing it for them. I'm doing it because I don't want to end up becoming just like them.

The sad truth is out there.

Best book that I've read in a long time. Highly recommend and spot on accurate about the Southern mentality: Completely delusional, filled with denial and seething with aggression.

One more reason why I love the French.

Texts from the Eclipse
Von: Actually achieving my dream of seeing the sun blotted out from the sky!
Erik: God, if you're out there and you want us to impeach Trump, give us a sign!
Von: Dammit, a bunch of frogs just fell on my head.
Von: Oh well, maybe they can eat all these locusts.
Von: Weird. Some guy with a sword came by asking if I had an "first born." Think his name was Mike?
Erik: Lol!
Erik: I think I'll bring this weird plant inside. It looks pretty cool.
Von: Woot! Half-Life 3 was just announced!
Von: Cool. Be sure to name it and let me know if you see more of the them.
Erik: It's talking, but it thinks my name is Seymour.
Von: If it drops seeds send some to Florida. Plants love Florida.

Who would you trust with your children's lives?

President War
Franklin Roosevelt 1933-1945 WW2 1937-1945
Harry Truman 1945-1953 Korean War 1950-1953
Dwight Eisenhower 1953-1961 None
John Kennedy 1961-1963 US troops in the Vietnam War 1962-1973
Lyndon Johnson 1963-1969 US troops in the Vietnam War 1962-1973
Richard Nixon 1969-1974 US troops in the Vietnam War 1962-1973
Gerald Ford 1974-1977 None
Jimmy Carter 1977-1981None
Ronald Regan 1981-1989Invasion of Panama 1989-1990 / Bombing of Libya 1986
George Bush Sr 1989-19931st Gulf War 1990-1991
Bill Clinton 1993-2001Kosovo War 1999
George Bush Jr 2001-20092nd Gulf War 2001-Present (Iraq/Afghanistan)
Barrack Obabma 2009-20172nd Gulf War 2001-Present (Iraq/Afghanistan)
Donald Trump 2017-Present2nd Gulf War 2001-Present (Iraq/Afghanistan)

Never thought I'd find myself sticking up for Ford, but there it is. I also hope that we can all agree that Roosevelt's war was actually necessary, so he gets a pass. Only three presidents in eighty years that actually kept our soldiers home through their entire terms.
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Mating Rituals.
There is a certain relationship type that I've seen many times over the years in people that I've known, and I will describe it here.

First, I am sure we're all familiar with the female relationship archetype of "Miss Fixemupper." This is the woman who's maternal care-taking instincts have been redirected into broken, fucked up men. Guys with issues. She is drawn to them not in spite of their problems but because of them. Her goal is to nurture him back to health and then get him into shape for the world again. Isn't she sweet? Not really, but more on that later.

The partner personality her is "Mister Romantislump." This is the man who believes that all of his problems in life are because he lacks the right woman in his life, and that somehow all of his problems will just magically disappear the minute that he finds her. He may be an alcoholic, a workaholic, a drug addict, a slob, or just a writer of bad poetry. He's probably an artist, or under the delusion of being one, and is always depressed about his lack of a love life. Once he finds that girl, though, watch out - his depression will vanish and he'll become the happiest guy on the planet. All of his other problems, however, won't go away. Not in the slightest.

Naturally these two archetypes are drawn together and it is a match made in hell. Why they end up together is obvious - why it never works out shall soon be also. On the guy's end it is pretty clear what the problem is. The problem is him. He is a total fuck-up and has no real desire to change. I say this because a man who really wants to improve himself doesn't need any other reason to do it. A man who really wants to get his shit together will do so regardless of whether or not there is a woman in his life. Sorry if that hurts your ego, Ms.Fixemupper, but that's the truth.

So Mr.Romantislump doesn't really want to change, improve, or solve any of the other myriad of life problems that he has accumulated. All he really wants is a pity fuck and some tits to cry into. And he has turned that into a science. He has carefully cultivated his personal problems for maximum pathos in order to lure in all the Ms.Fixemuppers of the world. He doesn't want solutions, only sympathy and the free sex he gets from it.

But hang on there, dear audience, we're not done here. See, Ms.Fixemupper isn't exactly an innocent victim here, either. She has he own game going on, and it's just as shallow, albeit more clever. You see, her goal - like so many others - is to enjoy a life spent going from one lover to the next without having to suffer any negative reputation for it. Slutting around without getting a slutty reputation, if you will. That's not unreasonable, by the way - social double standards most certainly do suck, they're unfair, and we really need to evolve out of that crap. Be that as it may, however, we haven't done that yet so these stratagems still exist and Ms.Fixemupper is definitely using one.

You see, she already knows that Mr.Romantislump is lost cause. That's why she picks him. It gives her an easy justification for bailing on the relationship as soon as she gets bored with him. The way she sees it, if a guy never gets his act together then he's hopeless and, in the interest of self-preservation, she clearly needs to ditch him and move on to the next one. If, by some miracle, she has miscalculated and he actually does clean up his life then she can say that she did her job, she's finished here, and move on anyway. On to the next penis, er I mean problem!

This is not very different than the girl who only dates artists and musicians, by the way. It's not that they don't know these guys are total slutbags who won't even remember their names the next day. They do know that. That's the whole point. Casual sex and he is the one who gets the (admittedly well deserved) sleazy reputation. She's the one who was taken advantage of, you see, by that faithless bass player. And the six keyboard players, nine poets, twenty seven guitarists, eleven sculptors, five drummers, fifteen painters and two ukulele players before him. She's a decent girl who just has bad luck with slutty guys, that's all. It's not her fault.

In conclusion: You humans sure do go through a whole lot of effort to hide the fact that most of the time you're just looking for a casual screw. Who knows, maybe Tinder is a good thing after all? It certainly seems like it would reduce the amount bullshit involved.

The finish line.
Woke up choking again. Twice in one night.

For the future reference of anyone bothering to do research on sleep apnea, there was the distinct taste of stomach acid in my mouth when my trachea decided to just close up on it's own. So that suspicion of there being some sort of stomach connection is probably correct. My guess is that during the initial breathing pause the body somehow misinterprets that as some kind of food choking problem and launches up some bile to try to clear it out, but this doesn't get communicated to the rest of the brain, which in turn constricts the throat in order to stop this from happening - never mind that causes the person to suffocate. Silly brain.

Anyway, with this rate of escalation in speed and severity, well...

During the daytime I've been taking fizzy cough tablets twice a day just to be able to breath even when awake.

I also need glasses. Vision has gone completely farsighted, now.

Sleep apnea has now become awake apnea.
Forget the part where I said I might not make it to 50. That was way too optimistic. At the rate in which my entire body is failing, I'll be lucky to live past this year.


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