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A Study on the Human Condition and other Horrors

Mating Rituals.
There is a certain relationship type that I've seen many times over the years in people that I've known, and I will describe it here.

First, I am sure we're all familiar with the female relationship archetype of "Miss Fixemupper." This is the woman who's maternal care-taking instincts have been redirected into broken, fucked up men. Guys with issues. She is drawn to them not in spite of their problems but because of them. Her goal is to nurture him back to health and then get him into shape for the world again. Isn't she sweet? Not really, but more on that later.

The partner personality her is "Mister Romantislump." This is the man who believes that all of his problems in life are because he lacks the right woman in his life, and that somehow all of his problems will just magically disappear the minute that he finds her. He may be an alcoholic, a workaholic, a drug addict, a slob, or just a writer of bad poetry. He's probably an artist, or under the delusion of being one, and is always depressed about his lack of a love life. Once he finds that girl, though, watch out - his depression will vanish and he'll become the happiest guy on the planet. All of his other problems, however, won't go away. Not in the slightest.

Naturally these two archetypes are drawn together and it is a match made in hell. Why they end up together is obvious - why it never works out shall soon be also. On the guy's end it is pretty clear what the problem is. The problem is him. He is a total fuck-up and has no real desire to change. I say this because a man who really wants to improve himself doesn't need any other reason to do it. A man who really wants to get his shit together will do so regardless of whether or not there is a woman in his life. Sorry if that hurts your ego, Ms.Fixemupper, but that's the truth.

So Mr.Romantislump doesn't really want to change, improve, or solve any of the other myriad of life problems that he has accumulated. All he really wants is a pity fuck and some tits to cry into. And he has turned that into a science. He has carefully cultivated his personal problems for maximum pathos in order to lure in all the Ms.Fixemuppers of the world. He doesn't want solutions, only sympathy and the free sex he gets from it.

But hang on there, dear audience, we're not done here. See, Ms.Fixemupper isn't exactly an innocent victim here, either. She has he own game going on, and it's just as shallow, albeit more clever. You see, her goal - like so many others - is to enjoy a life spent going from one lover to the next without having to suffer any negative reputation for it. Slutting around without getting a slutty reputation, if you will. That's not unreasonable, by the way - social double standards most certainly do suck, they're unfair, and we really need to evolve out of that crap. Be that as it may, however, we haven't done that yet so these stratagems still exist and Ms.Fixemupper is definitely using one.

You see, she already knows that Mr.Romantislump is lost cause. That's why she picks him. It gives her an easy justification for bailing on the relationship as soon as she gets bored with him. The way she sees it, if a guy never gets his act together then he's hopeless and, in the interest of self-preservation, she clearly needs to ditch him and move on to the next one. If, by some miracle, she has miscalculated and he actually does clean up his life then she can say that she did her job, she's finished here, and move on anyway. On to the next penis, er I mean problem!

This is not very different than the girl who only dates artists and musicians, by the way. It's not that they don't know these guys are total slutbags who won't even remember their names the next day. They do know that. That's the whole point. Casual sex and he is the one who gets the (admittedly well deserved) sleazy reputation. She's the one who was taken advantage of, you see, by that faithless bass player. And the six keyboard players, nine poets, twenty seven guitarists, eleven sculptors, five drummers, fifteen painters and two ukulele players before him. She's a decent girl who just has bad luck with slutty guys, that's all. It's not her fault.

In conclusion: You humans sure do go through a whole lot of effort to hide the fact that most of the time you're just looking for a casual screw. Who knows, maybe Tinder is a good thing after all? It certainly seems like it would reduce the amount bullshit involved.

The finish line.
Woke up choking again. Twice in one night.

For the future reference of anyone bothering to do research on sleep apnea, there was the distinct taste of stomach acid in my mouth when my trachea decided to just close up on it's own. So that suspicion of there being some sort of stomach connection is probably correct. My guess is that during the initial breathing pause the body somehow misinterprets that as some kind of food choking problem and launches up some bile to try to clear it out, but this doesn't get communicated to the rest of the brain, which in turn constricts the throat in order to stop this from happening - never mind that causes the person to suffocate. Silly brain.

Anyway, with this rate of escalation in speed and severity, well...

During the daytime I've been taking fizzy cough tablets twice a day just to be able to breath even when awake.

I also need glasses. Vision has gone completely farsighted, now.

Sleep apnea has now become awake apnea.
Forget the part where I said I might not make it to 50. That was way too optimistic. At the rate in which my entire body is failing, I'll be lucky to live past this year.

Math versus everything.
So I've was tossing this around in my head yesterday:

There has been much debate whether the Universe will end via entropy (a.k.a. "heat death") or whether it will simply collapse back onto itself (a.k.a. "big crunch")

If I may be so bold, I think I may know the answer: Big Crunch Wins.

Here is my reasoning:

It is impossible for the inverse square law to ever reach a value of zero, and gravity follows the inverse square law.

So brief rundown goes like this:

According to the inverse square law, if a mass produces (random numbers here) 100 newtons of attraction at 10km and 50 newtons at 100km, (read: halving the force at the square of the distance) then we can keep extrapolating from there unto infinity. Such a mass would, it could then be worked out, would produce 25 newtons up to 10,000km. Again, square the distance and halve the force. 12.5 newtons out to 100,000,000km and so on. 6.25 newtons out to 1e16km, and... my puny Windows calculator can't handle anything more than that. You get the idea, however. If those distances start to seem absurd, well, keep in mind that we can still see the faint light of stars that are literally thousands of light years away - and this is why.

Yet, in a sort of parody of Zeno's Paradox, there is no distance, no matter how great, in which the final value of attraction ever reaches zero. Yes, the number can become so infinitesimally small as to apparently make no difference (such as the way the gravity of Jupiter doesn't really have a whole lot of affect on Earth's tides, especially compared to Luna's gravity). However, even the smallest number in existence is greater than zero.

And in order for the Universe to die from entropy, gravity would have to reach a value of zero. Even if my figure up there got reduced to a value of a decimal place followed by fifty thousand zeroes and a ended in a one... that is still not the same as zero. Any amount of gravitational pull at all, no matter how trivial it may seem, will, on a long enough timeline - and this could be quadrillions of years for all it really matters - cause everything to fall back together into a single body. Ergo, Big Crunch.

Imagine two black holes speeding past each other at a speed, let's say 100,000km per second. Even if they only slow each other down by 1kps as they get close, their fate is sealed. Even if they're a lightyear apart before they've slowed down by even 100kps, it makes no difference. Ten lightyears for 150kps? A hundred for 225kps? The distance is irrelevant when time is infinite and your net amount of effect over time is anything greater than absolute zero. Again, it may take a quadrillion years or more, but eventually those two black holes are going to stop, reverse direction, and someday fall back into each other.

Now this is not to say that the Universe may die a pseudo heat death along the way. Indeed, the amount of entropy may well reach a point of seeming equilibrium long before the non-zero factor causes gravitational collapse to even get rolling. Yet it will get rolling at some point. It is inevitable. Even if the big crunch is nothing more than long dead lukewarm gas stretching across a trillion lightyears collapsing into back itself, well, it's still collapsing in the end. The final result is still going to be the big crunch.

We will now return you to your regular TV viewing of talking heads telling everyone that God is real and that he loves 'Murica and nothing else, now send us money, Amen.

I'm enjoying this far too much.
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Feels before reals, yo.
The truth has never been popular and never will be. This is why religion exists, after all. It is interesting to me, however, just how far this reality has come along. We now live in an age where people are banished, fired, or even executed simply for speaking the truth. Even in the USA and Europe, the so-called "free world," the truth is constantly being rejected in favor of whatever people want to hear - whatever people wish to be true, instead.

I suppose it has always been this way, of course. The whole "age on enlightenment" thing was a fluke. A disturbance in the otherwise unbroken flow of endless bullshit spewing that defines human history. The truth was always a rare resource of the privileged few of the peak ruling classes, something only spoken in the small circles in which they gathered, and never revealed to the ignorant masses outside.

Yet every day it seems as if humanity raises the ceiling for bullshit just a little bit higher. What is most impressive to me about it, however, is that unlike the ignorant peasants of yonder days who honestly didn't know any better, what we see today is people who honestly do know the truth and then reject it in favor of the bullshit because it makes them feel better.

At this point I have to say that human extinction would be a mercy killing.

There is something amazingly satisfying about just throwing one's cell phone out the window.

Keep your laser handy.
About a year ago I finally sold out and got a smartphone. Don't really care for it, as I remain the kind of person who still checks their e-mail only once per day even if I'm expecting a message (otherwise it's more like once a week). The idea of being "jacked in" 24/7 doesn't appeal to me, honestly. I refuse to become tethered.

At any rate, one of the few uses I actually got out of it was when I would go outside for a smoke break and use it to watch stuff on YouTube for a bit. This was inferior to normal PC watching because without any proper security I was forced to endure advertisements with it. I do not say "watch," of course, because my response would always be to just mute the volume, take a nice long drag off my smoke and enjoy the view for a little bit until it ended.

I did, however, notice them enough to realize that, with no exaggeration, over 75% of the ads that I was being shown was for drugs and programs to help people quit smoking.

Now as you know every smartphone has two cameras built into it. There is the camera on the back for taking real pictures. Then there is a smaller "selfie" camera in the front to allow young shit-for-brains types to engage in their endless petty narcissism.

After about two months of this crap I decided, on what we will call a whim, to take a small piece of black duct tape and cover the front camera.

The stop-smoking ads stopped. Immediately. Haven't seen a single one since then.



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