Psychic Warfare Department

A Study on the Human Condition and other Horrors

Feels before reals, yo.
The truth has never been popular and never will be. This is why religion exists, after all. It is interesting to me, however, just how far this reality has come along. We now live in an age where people are banished, fired, or even executed simply for speaking the truth. Even in the USA and Europe, the so-called "free world," the truth is constantly being rejected in favor of whatever people want to hear - whatever people wish to be true, instead.

I suppose it has always been this way, of course. The whole "age on enlightenment" thing was a fluke. A disturbance in the otherwise unbroken flow of endless bullshit spewing that defines human history. The truth was always a rare resource of the privileged few of the peak ruling classes, something only spoken in the small circles in which they gathered, and never revealed to the ignorant masses outside.

Yet every day it seems as if humanity raises the ceiling for bullshit just a little bit higher. What is most impressive to me about it, however, is that unlike the ignorant peasants of yonder days who honestly didn't know any better, what we see today is people who honestly do know the truth and then reject it in favor of the bullshit because it makes them feel better.

At this point I have to say that human extinction would be a mercy killing.


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