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True Tales of Text
V: So a girl went to a music festival, went backstage, met 20+ musicians & only gave one blowjob behind her b/f's back. By Michigan standards that's "monogamous"

C: Ugh.

V: Considering the typical result of that situation would be a gang bang followed by "Of course it's your baby, honey" I'd say he's pretty lucky.

C: Still ugh.

V: Audience please note that she is not actually disagreeing with me at any point. ;)

C: Ha!!!

V: C'mon, any guy who let's his g/f go to a 3 day music festival with a backstage pass is basically begging to catch gonaherpasyphalaids. Like I said, he's lucky.


V: Because let's face it: Having sex with a musician is like using a dildo you found in a dumpster.

C: Gee, thanks.

V: Not that there aren't plenty of hot female musicians... it's just that bleach makes my balls itch.

C: Ha!


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