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A Study on the Human Condition and other Horrors

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"The more we elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."
(Note: I can't spell worth a damn. Then again I went to school in Florida, so I'm lucky I can even read.)

V: A woman came into our bar by herself, ordered a drink and - for ten minutes now - has NOT pulled out a smartphone. Call the MIB, we got a space alien here.

E: Hahaha

V: Doesn't she realize that she's putting herself at risk of actual human interaction? The horror!

V: Ahh there it is! She finally pulled it out. No doubt complaining on Facebook about how she never meets any new people. Crisis averted!

E: You're so bitter Von

V: No way, anything that keeps honkies from breeding is a good thing in my book.

V: If I ever have another bar again I shall build it inside a giant Farraday Cage. Just to watch people go into apolectic shock from having no cell connection.


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