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A ship without a captain.
Despite all their sinister overtones, in the end conspiracy theories are actually subconsciously comforting. The reason for this is that the common denominator of every conspiracy theory is that somewhere, hidden from view, is a mastermind. Someone who is secretly in control of everything. Someone with a plan. A goal. An objective to mold things into a certain form whether we like it or not. Lunatics are allowed to do their lunatic things only because they are secretly allowed to do so by the mastermind to further their goal.

As terrifying as that may seem on the surface, consider the alternative: That there is no conspiracy. There is no mastermind. There is no one secretly in control. There is no plan. There is no goal. There are no objectives. We truly are living in a state of complete anarchy in which lunatics run around doing lunatic things for entirely lunatic reasons and no one can stop them. The alternative is total anarchy. A large mass of people doing stupid, evil, and destructive things simply because they really are short-sighted, brainwashed, or just plain greedy.

We know that the latter is true, yet part of us secretly wish the former was true, because at least then the world makes a little bit of sense. There is a comfort in conspiracy theories. It brings a feeling of order to the chaos around us.


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