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A Study on the Human Condition and other Horrors

You want true social equality? Try cloning.
It is actually kind of terrifying to realize just how much of a person's fate in life is determined by the DNA.

When you've got some free time, go look up some stories about the behavior of identical twins. Not just how alike they look, but how alike they often act. Even when separated at birth they've been show to end up going to school for the same degrees, work in the same fields, live in the same areas, and hold the same political beliefs. Some even marry spouses with the same name and zodiac sign. The end up having the same number of kids and naming them the same. They end up dying in the exact same way often at times very close to one another.

Even if someone isn't a twin, a person's DNA is pretty much "loaded dice" for how their life is going to go. Consider how many destiny forks a person is forced down based entirely on their genetic code. Starting off, male or female? That's the biggest one right there, because even if you live in a progressive 1st world nation, it's going to change your outward view of the world even if the outside world treats you no different. Short or tall? It's been scientifically proven that taller people get promoted faster and make more money, which definitely shapes a person's outlook on life (taller people are also used to getting their way via subconscious intimidation, and are more likely to throw a tantrum when they don't get what they want). Skin color? You betcha - it's amazing how little of the world is actually living in the 21st century right now. Bone structure? Naturally, and this especially stands out when it doesn't work right. Eye color, tooth straightness, and the rest add up to to create general level of attractiveness (or lack thereof) which is the single largest contributor in a person's ability to procure a mate and, more importantly, be in a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Consider, for a moment, just how much of a person's life is already dictated to them from the moment of conception. Will they ever find a good job? Better hope they're tall and intimidating. Will they ever find true love and happiness? Better hope they won the genetic lottery in the looks department, then. Will they get a good education? Better be born to rich parents, for as social mobility comes to its inexorable end wealth is indeed becoming a fixed, hereditary trait (if not a genetic one) that one is either born into or not. Well adjusted or psychopath? Genetics again, folks.

Stop to consider just how little of our lives are, or ever were, under the domain of "free will" and our own decisions. Then factor in that our own decision making process is a reflection of the environment that we grew up in, ergo how have been treated, which ultimately falls under the dominion of genetics again. Meaning that people with the right DNA sequence of a particular society get treated better than the people with the wrong DNA sequence, and thus are more likely to end up well adjusted (caveat - once hereditary wealth comes into play there is a inevitable tendency for the filthy rich to become morally and genetically degenerate in every possible way - only their indestructible wealth survives to keep them viable as a species). We are the product of our environment and our environment, the way the outside world regards us, is entirely the result of genetics. Even more, it's a feedback loop of either positive or negative reinforcement from that genetically determined starting point.

It is not a question of Nature versus Nurture, because the amount and type of Nurture is determined by Nature. The latter causes the former. The hereditary conditions of our birth determines how we are treated, how we are raised, and how we turn out as adults. Nurture is Nature's bitch.

It does makes you realize just how absolutely pointless self-help books are, along with most forms of therapy - both physical and mental. Also makes you realize that prison is also kind of pointless, as is most of our justice system. Even corporate politics become kind of meaningless once you realize that it's about having the right hairdo and slipping padding into your shoes. So much of our society is built around trying to pretend that we really do have far, far more free-will than we actually do. So much is based on this illusion that people have real choices in their lives. They don't. Most of those people in prison were destined to be there from conception. Most of those people in Beverly Hills were fated for that lifestyle on day zero as well. Both the guy who was shot dead in the back and the egg-shaped thing in a blue uniform were both brought to this conclusion almost entirely by the DNA.

And yet we pretend it's different. Why is this?


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