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About a year ago I finally sold out and got a smartphone. Don't really care for it, as I remain the kind of person who still checks their e-mail only once per day even if I'm expecting a message (otherwise it's more like once a week). The idea of being "jacked in" 24/7 doesn't appeal to me, honestly. I refuse to become tethered.

At any rate, one of the few uses I actually got out of it was when I would go outside for a smoke break and use it to watch stuff on YouTube for a bit. This was inferior to normal PC watching because without any proper security I was forced to endure advertisements with it. I do not say "watch," of course, because my response would always be to just mute the volume, take a nice long drag off my smoke and enjoy the view for a little bit until it ended.

I did, however, notice them enough to realize that, with no exaggeration, over 75% of the ads that I was being shown was for drugs and programs to help people quit smoking.

Now as you know every smartphone has two cameras built into it. There is the camera on the back for taking real pictures. Then there is a smaller "selfie" camera in the front to allow young shit-for-brains types to engage in their endless petty narcissism.

After about two months of this crap I decided, on what we will call a whim, to take a small piece of black duct tape and cover the front camera.

The stop-smoking ads stopped. Immediately. Haven't seen a single one since then.



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